About the Argyle Millennia Collection™

The Argyle Millennia Collection™ is a one-of-a-kind Argyle Trifecta, uniting the world's greatest Red, Pink and Violet Diamonds of their classes in one unique collection that affords the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy all that Argyle Colored Diamonds have to offer.

This collection has been sold to a private collector.

The Millennia Red™

This stone is the only VS clarity GIA graded Pure Fancy Red in the world that is also a tender stone certified by Argyle as Purplish Red. This unique stone changes color depending on the temperature of the light and lives in two color worlds at the same time. It features an extraordinary "green heart" of peridot (olivine).

2020 Tender Lot 30
Carat Weight: .55 ct
GIA Color Grade: Fancy Red
Argyle Color Grade: pRED
Clarity Grade: VS2

The Millennia Violet™

This stone is the largest BL3+ Violet Argyle Hero Stone in the world. Formerly known as the Argyle Allure™.

2012 Tender Lot 57 Hero Stone
Carat Weight: .33 ct
Argyle Color Grade: BL3+
GIA Color Grade: Fancy Dark Grey Violet
Clarity Grade: SI2

The Millennia Pink™

The only Pure Fancy Deep Pink oval stone of this quality grade ever offered at an Argyle Tender.

2020 Tender Lot 34
Extraordinary 55% depth
Carat Weight: 1.15 ct
GIA Color Grade: Fancy Deep Pink
Argyle Color Grade: 1P
Clarity Grade: I1