Virtual Diamond Selector

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Diamonds prized throughout the ages for their beauty and rarity are determined by a combination of the 4 C’s – clarity, color, cut, and carat.

Interact with our virtual diamond selector tool to explore which diamond style best suits your style or the person you’re looking to “wow” with a custom engagement ring.


This indicates how clear the diamond is, how free from blemishes, inclusions, and other imperfections.

The grades closer to the left of the Clarity Grades scale represent the higher clarity, rarer diamonds.

Clarity Grades Summary

I1 I2 I3


Diamonds are found in a variety of colors, but in general, the more colorless the better.

The grades closer to the left of the Color Grades scale represent the more colorless, rarer diamonds.

Color Grades Summary

D1 E1 F1
G1 H1 I1
J1 K1 L1
M1 N O P Q R S T U V W X


This refers to not only the shape of the stone but its proportions, factors which determine the sparkle of the diamond.

Light Return Efficiency of Cut Grades
Class 1 91%
Class 2 88-89%
Class 3 38-39%
Class 4 32%

Select a cut below to see how the stone looks.


This is actually the weight of the stone, not the dimensions or size.

Move the slider to see how adjusting the carat affects how the diaond looks.

1 Carat = 200mg