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The Real Truth About Lab Grown Diamonds

Real. Genuine. Natural.

Understanding the Diamond Trade

The Rock: The History of the Diamond Engagement Ring

Learn about the The “Rock: The History of the Diamond Engagement Ring“.

Buying Diamonds

True Weight

Learn about the “true weight” of diamonds.

The 4 C's

Buying Shy

It’s one of my shrewdest and most valuable suggestions for saving money buying diamonds.

Buying Diamonds Understanding the Diamond Trade

Clarity Grading

The clarity of a diamond depends on how clear or clean it is how free it is of blemishes and inclusions, when viewed with the naked eye and with a 10X loupe, or magnifier.

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Clarity Spotting

Believe it or not, clarity grading a diamond is easier than learning your ABC’s.

The 4 C's

Color Grading Scale

Checking your diamond’s report card.

The 4 C's

Color Typing

They’re all diamonds, yes, but color does make a difference.

The 4 C's

Classes of Cut

GIA Classifications.


The Vivid White Diamond

When defining sparkle in a diamond, there are only two things that matter — efficiency and amplified light return.

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Why Are Pink Diamonds Pink?

Plastic deformation: red diamonds, pink diamonds and the science behind color.

Understanding the Diamond Trade

How to Clean Gemstones: A Care and Cleaning Guide for Gems

Learn about the The “How to Clean Gemstones: A Care and Cleaning Guide for Gems“.